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Memorial Day

A toast to the fallen
Memorial Day

To many this weekend marks the beginning of summer – the neighborhood pool opens for the season and the scent of charcoal wafts through the air as folks fire up the grill. The new norm begins – sunglasses, sunscreen, cooking outdoors, ice-cold beer, fabulous cocktails and the promise of beautiful weather everyday. It’s an exciting time – school’s out and trips to the lake, the ocean or the river become the priority.

This weekend also marks the beginning of the red, white and blue season. It’s a time to be patriotic. Babies, parents and grand-parents will don their stars and stripes in everything from bedazzled diapers to swim trunks while Old Glory will be seen flying through neighborhoods across the country. Nationwide, flags will fly from the graves of service members no longer with us – collectively, we are proud to be American, proud of our nation’s history and proud of the men and women whose sacrifices paved the way to this great nation.

For a few, this weekend will be met with somber emotions and the memory of a friend or loved one who is no longer here. For this small group of people Memorial Day wears a name like Travis or Captain Lawrence. The blessing of a life shared, the mourning of a life lost and the prayer for eternal peace and a better tomorrow.

Whether you’re planning to fire up the grill, hit the lake or visit a cemetery this weekend – take a moment to lift your glass and toast the lives of the brave men and women whose selfless service paid the price for our freedom.





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