Apple Delicious

Bring on the Fall

Apple Delicious

The best thing about Apples is that they are good with everything. They are delicious by themselves, fresh off the tree. Apple Pie feels like fall on Thanksgiving, but feels like American Independence with a scoop of ice cream on the 4th of July.

From stuffing to salads and pig roasts to turkey, apples are as diverse as they are delicious. So it only makes sense that Apple spirits are as well.

Crown Royal, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Evan Williams each have their apple line.

Effen Vodka out of Holland makes a fantastic green apple vodka. Smirnoff, and a few others also have their own line of apple vodka.

Of course, many of us are familiar with DeKuyper’s Apple Pucker! This is a staple in most Apple-Tini recipes.

Another drink that is popular and as delicious as it sounds is Apple Pie Moonshine. Midnight Moonshine and Sugarland’s Shine each make a really nice one.

Whether you’re a whiskey, vodka or moonshine kind of person, we hope you will enjoy the oldest recorded fruit in history and sip some apple this fall.



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